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chimney cleaning huntington, ny
world class maintenance inc. logo Huntington station
huntington station, ny chimney cleaning

Long Island's Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Repairs Specialist Since 2009
       Proudly Serving Suffolk County, Nassau County & New York City      


  1. World Class Maintenance company van
    Company van
  2. rebuilt chimney
    Chimney Rebuilt
  3. Cement crown
    New Cement Crown
  4. Rebuild roof up
    Rebuild Roof Up
  5. Prefab housing replaced
    Prefab Housing Replaced
  6. Chase
    New Stainless Steel Chase Cover
  7. Blocked chimney
    Blocked Chimney Base
  8. Liner in base of chimney
    Liner Hooked Up
  9. Liner being installed
    Liner Being Installed
  10. chimney during rebuild
    Chimney During Rebuild
  11. Steve on chimney
    WCM's on top of it
  12. Before pic chimney
    Before pic of chimney
  13. Chimney after repointing and crown
    After pic of chimney
  14. Finished job with custom cap
    Finished job with Cap
  15. Finished chimney ground view
    Finished chimney ground view
  16. 2nd chimney with custom cap
    2nd chimney with another custom cap
  17. Before crown pointing
    Before pic of chimney
  18. After crown pointing side 1
    After pic of chimney side 1
  19. After crown pointing side 2
    After pic of chimney side 2
  20. Old Flashing
    Old Flashing Before
  21. New copper flashing
    New Copper Flashing After
  22. Old Rusted Out Furnace Pipes Before
    Old Rusted Out Furnace Pipes Before
  23. New furnace pipes
    Brand New Furnace Pipes Installed After
  24. Old furnace pipes 2
    Old Rusted Out Furnace Pipes Before
  25. New furnace pipes 2
    Brand New Furnace Pipes After
  26. Cement crown on Stone Chimney
    Cement Crown on Stone Chimney
  27. Cement crown on Stone Chimney with caps
    Cement Crown on Stone Chimney with Caps
  28. Rebuild Roof Up
    Rebuild Roof Up
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